Tonekone LTD was founded in 2013, so we are a very young company! The company was set up to promote and sell the Tonekone close mic’ing system. The founder of the company, Tony Marchi, started playing guitar in 1974, and he’s still playing today. The idea for the Tonekone came about in 2010, when Tony’s band used to mic’ up their Marshall cabs using the classic “dangle it down the front and gaffa tape it to the cab” method. Unhappy with this, Tony started working on a device that would hold the mic’ face on to the cab, uniquely utilising the speaker grille as a support point. Three years later the prototypes were still going strong, still in regular use and the subject of a lot of enquiries from other Guitarists and Bass players as to “where d’ya get ‘em mate!”. In late 2012 Tony started approaching CAD companies and plastics manufacturers, and in June 2013 an order had been placed to manufacture an injection moulding tool, and finally in October 2013 the first Tonekones had arrived!

3D Nylon Print

Original CAD Visualization

Final Injection Moulded Tonekone

First going on sale in November 2013, the Tonekone is now in use all over the world, and is proving very popular with players at all levels, as the stage area, traditionally cluttered with the trip hazard of a mic stand, is now clear, and having no hard fixings, the Tonekone will not transmit any unwanted stage noise or vibration to the microphone. Compact and lightweight, Tonekones have proved very popular with PA hire companies and recording studios. The company is family owned and family run, with Tony and his wife Allyson running the business day to day, supported by their daughters Lydi (Social Media Co-Ordinator) and Beth (Accounts and Financial Management)