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Tonekone is a unique close mic’ing system that eliminates the need for obtrusive stands, removing any potential transference of vibration and possible embarrassing trip hazards!


+ Postage and Packaging


Its Purpose

Tonekone is a unique close mic’ing system that allows you to place a microphone on your speaker or combo amp without the need for obtrusive stands, so eliminating any potential transference of vibration, and keeps your stage area clear of a potentially embarrassing trip hazard! The Tonekone is easily set up to sit anywhere across the face of your chosen speaker, and requires no hard fixings on your cabinet.

- Exclusive Design

- Technology Saves Space On Stage

- Reduces Noise Bleed

- Finds Your Speaker Sweet Spot Everytime

- Ideal For Live or Studio Performance

The Kone

Material :ABS Plastic

Weight: 109g

Length: 162mm

Diameter: 110mm (Front)

Diameter: 70mm (Rear)

Torque ring: 27mm (ID) x 5mm Nitrile

The Strap

Material Polypropylene Webbing

Standard Length: 900mm

width: 20mm


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